The Designer Smiles of the Future.

At the Smile Designers Multi Speciality Dental Hospital we aim to create a cosmetic result that is in accordance with how you imagine your eventual smile makeover teeth to look like. Therefore, we use the latest innovative Digital Smile Designing techniques to help establish your exact protocols for the final aesthetic outcome.
Digital Smile Designing is the process of creating a precision mockup that allows you to preview your choice of smile in your mouth in a reversible and non-permanent way. .

The best thing about this choice is that you are able to see the final result before any actual treatment is carried out. Digital Smile Designing is part of the process by which we create stunning Smiles2SuitU and is proving to be a huge success and extremely popular with our patients. Using these techniques we can create whichever choice of smile you prefer whether natural, Hollywood, younger or simply full of character. The choice is yours..


  • If you are looking for a special design of smile
  • If you have specific requirements.
  • If your smile is very important to you.
  • If you want to be involved in the designing, production and final results of your smile makeoverIf you want to look before you buy.

Smile Designers Multi Speciality Dental Hospital is first and only Hospital in Allahabad which have DSD ( Digital Smile Design) Facility ”

Free DSD Test Drive offer 30 August 2014